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Pistols Plus carries one of the largest selections of firearms in the state of Missouri. Whether you're looking for a new shotgun, handgun, or rifle, we have what you're looking for. With the largest pistol display in the area, a full selection of hunting rifles and shotguns, and some of the finest rifle or shotgun models made by today's top manufacturers, we've got you covered.

Brands We Carry:

beretta browning colt dpms-pantherarms
FN-Herstal glock hipoint kahrarms
kel-tec kimber Springfield Armory Bushmaster
mossberg northamericanfirearms remington ruger
savagearms smithwesson stagarms Taurus
Thompson-Center Walther Windham Weaponry winchester
SilencerCo Benelli Black Rain Ordnance Hechler&Koch

Silencer Co Dealer.

"Wait...Aren't Silencers illegal in Missouri?"

NO - Silencers are now LEGAL in the state of Missouri. We are proud to be a Silencer Co. Dealer and carry a full line of their suppressors / silencers for all different calibers, including .22, 12 gauge, and 9mm. We can also guide you through the process to purchase a silencer, which includes purchasing a tax stamp for each silencer you wish to own.

"Can I shoot one today?"

Absolutely - We do allow rental of a suppressed / silenced handgun for use in our shooting range. Come by today to try it out.

"Why do I need a silencer?"

Fight the Noise - There are many benefits to a silenced / suppressed firearm, such as increased accuracy, general hearing protection, improved hunting / game tracking, and many more. Learn more over at Silencer Co.'s website.

Suppressors | Silencers by Silencer Co.
Silenced Handgun - 22LR
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Specialized Dealer:

Springfield Armory STAR Retailer

Springfield Armory STAR Retailer

We are a Springfield Armory STAR dealer, with direct access to Springfield's entire line of XD's, 1911 pistols, and M1A rifles.

Browning Full Line Dealer

Browning Full Line Rifles

We are a preferred Browning Full Line Dealer, with many of their products in stock. If we do not have the item you want, we can special order it for you.

Law Enforcement Dealer

Law Enforcement Dealer

As a Glock and Springfield Armory Law Enforcement (LEO) Dealer, we are able to provide LE only products to law enforcement personnel.

Kimber Master Dealer

Kimber Master Dealer

As a Kimber Master Dealer, Pistols Plus carries inventory of the finest Kimber firearms, and we can order any product in their line.


We carry and stock a large assortment of ammunition to meet all your ammo needs. From your basic range ammo to specialty personal defense rounds, we have it all.

Ammunition / Ammo

Shooting Accessories:

We also carry a HUGE inventory and selection of accessories for shooting, firearms, and hunting.

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Used Guns & Estates:

We purchase used handguns, rifles, and other firearms. We also purchase entire collections, antique firearms, and estate sales. Please contact us or come in to discuss your items.