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Our inventory and product lines are constantly changing, so come visit the store today or call us at (573) 348-5356 to see if we have what you're looking for!

Handguns - Rifles - Firearms

We carry one of the largest selections of firearms in the state of Missouri. If you're searching for a new shotgun, handgun, or rifle, we have what you're looking for.

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Archery - Bows

We carry a wide assortment of compound bows, crossbows, arrows, targets, and archery / bow hunting accessories.

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Hunting - Accessories

Our large selection of hunting and shooting accessories means we have you covered before the big hunting trip or to maintain and upgrade your firearm.

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Firearms Display
Archery Pro Shop
Hunting & Shooting Accessories

NFA Firearms.

We are a Class III Dealer: buying and selling all NFA weapons and accessories.

We're able to buy, sell, or trade NFA firearms and suppressors / silencers.

NFA Dealer

Silencer Co.

We are proud to be a Silencer Co. Dealer and have suppressors / silencers for all caliber of firearms.

Gun Suppressors | Silencers

FFL Transfers.

We are a Federally Licensed Firearms dealer and can facilitate a FFL transfer if needed.

Please call us today with any questions or to discuss your FFL Transfer.